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Ardlui Hotel

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The Ardlui Hotel, Lodges, Marina and Holiday Home Park nestled on the shores of Scotland's magnificent Loch Lomond Ardlui is a place to relax and a place to find everything you'd expect from one of Scotland's most ancient and dramatic panoramas.

Whether you're looking for the thrill of the Loch, with myriad boating, sport and fishing activities, the beautiful calm of the nature and solitude of the surrounding hills, or the romance of being married in the midst of Scotland's absolute beauty on the shores of Loch Lomond, Ardlui's intimate accommodation can cater for your bespoke Scottish getaway in great style.

New Walkers Bothy
Walker's Bothy - the latest additions to our campsite at Ardlui are two new 2/3 person camping pods, each with a twin bed layout which can be converted to a double. 3 persons would require the occupants to sleep three in a row. These timber, armadillo style bothy's are great for campers who don't want the hassle of carrying a tent, or would like a more comfortable nights sleep. Ideal for those wet and windy nights!

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