Mhor Fish

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Mhor Fish


'Voted one of the 50 Best Cafes in the UK'

  • Fish Counter
  • Fish and Chip Shop (Chippie)
  • Seafood Demonstration Courses

Located in the centre of Callander
, the cafe attached to the chippie has a fresh fish counter piled high with oysters, mussels, prawns, fresh tuna steaks and fish from the north coast of Scotland, caught fresh that day. The menu, as well as offering traditional fish suppers lets you opt for a gastronomic seafood experience: you can select your fish from the counter and ask for it to be grilled, seared, baked or fried. Or you can cook it at home: MHOR Fish is also the local fishmongers.

MHORFish won Best Newcomer in the prestigious Observer Food Monthly awards:"The accidental chippie. How a very ordinary greasy spoon in a sleepy Perthshire town became the country's finest fish-and-chip shop, the peerless Mhorfish - complete with sparkling water in the batter and beef dripping in the deep-fat fryer." (OFM March 2008). MHOR Fish is more than a fish and chip shop, however: 'it is an aspiring model for what could be a new wave of democratically priced, sustainable fish enterprises.' (OFM March 2008).

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